November 7, 2011

Tutorial: 3 dimensional pumpkin felt art

I think autumn decorations must be my very favorite to make. Maybe that's because of the beautiful color scheme of the season. I am soaking up all the glowing reds, burnt oranges, mustard yellows, chocolatey browns. 

This give thanks/pumpkin picture was really fun to make. I've been itching to try it after thinking of it a couple weeks ago and I'm happy it turned out like I imagined. Cause that doesn't always happen, you know. ;)
All you need to make your own picture is some felt, embroidery floss and a picture frame.

  • First cut a piece of felt to fit in your picture frame.

  • Cut six pumpkin shapes out of orange felt. Yes, six pumpkin shapes. I wasn't sure how many I would need so I cut out eight. sorry!

  • Take one shape and fold it in half. 

  • Place a line of hot glue down the fold.

  • Stick it on the center of the sheet of felt.

  • Continue gluing the shapes on either side of your first one until all are used.
  • Cut a small circle out of green felt.
  • Cut a spiral.
  • Glue the center of the spiral above the pumpkin. Trim if necessary.
  • Cut out a stem out of brown felt and stitch on. 
  • Embroider a sentiment below the pumpkin and frame. Make sure to take the glass out of the picture frame!
  • Enjoy! 

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