April 29, 2015

Running the trails at Turkey Mountain

Hey friends! 

I'm not sure if anyone even remembers that my blog existed, but here I am posting again! On my Instagram bio my feed is described in three simple words: faith, running, lettering. Those are the kind of things I will be posting about here too. 

I know I've mentioned running a few times on here, but in the past two years it's become a much larger part of my life. Running is calming and healing for me. I started training for a half marathon a few months after a long period of depression and I noticed that I felt so much better physically and emotionally if I ran on a regular basis. I love reaching goals and setting new ones; becoming faster and stronger! I would encourage everyone to take up running even if it's just a couple miles a week! 

Last night my friend Carolyn and I met up with a group to run the trails at Turkey Mountain. 

It was beautifully lush and green due to a lot of recent rainfall, but that also meant a lot of puddles and mud! We decided to embrace the mud. ☺️

We ran down some trails I had never been on before so I got to see some new sights! A few shots of the beauty of the mountain: