November 26, 2012

This Is My Niece Elsie

I remember the first time I held her, marveling at God's creation and at the fact my sister was a mommy. She had strong sparkly eyes and loved to look all around. Now she is such a big girl with hair long enough for two french braids! She knows all the words to many songs and makes us laugh with her funny ideas. One afternoon, I followed her around with the camera as she played outside and stuffed pecans into her little pockets.  
"Are you coming, Asalin?" I love how she says my name and how her face gets so serious when she asks a question.
"A pecaaan!"
"Maybe we should take them inside and eat them!"

November 16, 2012

Refashion Friday//How to Refashion a Big Ol' Ugly Sweater

Do you find a lot of old sweaters that have a pretty design, but are way too big and have strange shapes? I do. I decided to try refashioning one and I like how it turned out. Here are a few simple steps for refashioning a sweater.

First turn your sweater inside out and lay a top you like over it, then mark the new size with pins. You can actually try the sweater on at this point just be careful not to get stuck!
Using the pins as a guide, draw a stitching line with a black sharpie. Sew over the lines using a stretch stitch. Trim seam.
Now cut the sleeves to your desired length. I made three quarter length sleeves.
Cut the cuffs off the sweater leaving about 1/4 in. extra above the cuff to provide a seam allowance when you sew it back onto the sleeve. If the cuffs are too loose you can trim them to make them smaller. You will want the cuffs to be a little smaller around than the sleeve.
Stitch the ends of the cuffs together, then pin them onto the sleeves stretching the cuffs to fit. Lastly sew them on.  
I also refashioned the corduroy skirt I'm wearing. Before, it had stuck out strangely at the hips. So I took that in and hemmed it shorter. Although I didn't particularly mind the length, the skirt was pretty narrow at the bottom and was annoying to walk in.
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November 12, 2012

DIY Magazine Leaf Art

Here's a quick, easy, and fun fall project for you today! It's also good way to recycle old magazines.
 Supplies needed: Picture frame, cardstock, magazine pages, scissors, and glue.
Find some neat patterns and textures and start cutting out leaves of all shapes! I just freehanded it and didn't try to be exact. Then glue the leaves onto the paper.
Stick your work in a frame and display!

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