August 17, 2010

Tuorial: Pear Pincushion

I have been sewing for around eight years, but never had my own pincushion. So today I decided I should make one. The pear adds a nice decoration to the cushion, but there is still plenty of room for pins and needles.


- muslin
- cotton print
- fusible interfacing
- embroidery floss
- polyester stuffing

 Note: all seam allowances are 1/4" wide 

     1. Cut out two circles from the muslin 4 inches in diameter and a strip 12 inches by 1 3/4 inches.

     2. Draw a small pear and cut it out of the cotton fabric. If  you need help try searching "pear outline" on google images and find one to copy. Also cut out a pear from the interfacing and fuse it to the back of the cotton.

     3. Pin the pear onto one of the muslin circles. Sew close to the edge around the pear. If you don't care for the raw edges you could zig zag around the pear instead.

     4. Embroider a stem for the pear using satin stitch.

     5. Fold the muslin strip in half and stitch to make a band. Press seam open.

      6. Make small snips with scissors around the top and bottom of the band about 3/8 inch apart.

     7. With right sides together pin the top of the pincushion to the band and stitch. Repeat for bottom leaving a small opening for stuffing. Clip seams. Turn right side out.

     8. Stuff the pincushion.

      9. Stitch the opening shut with a blind stitch.




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