August 12, 2011

Refashion Friday: from jumper to skirt

It all started with this

This jumper "jumped" out at me as I walked past our giveaway/garage sale pile. I had seen it a hundred times, but never envisioned it being anything other than what it actually was - a big old jumper. This time I noticed the fabric. Faded, but a nice color. Perfect for an everyday summer skirt. I took it.

I got out my trusty seam ripper and ripped the pockets off.

Then I figured out how long I wanted the skirt to be and cut off the top of the jumper.

I  wanted to cover up the fade marks where the original pockets were with pockets of my own, so I drew a pattern and used the fabric from the top of the jumper to make them.

I pressed the edges of the pockets under and sewed them onto the skirt. Then I turned the top under and stitched to make a casing for my elastic.

Next step was to shir about five rows and add the elastic to the casing.

I call it the Every day skirt. Sometimes I'll make something and not want to wear it much because I don't want to wear it out right away. Remembering this skirt's humble beginnings and the price I didn't pay for it, I don't feel like I should save this skirt for something nice. ;) Now, I'm wondering if it looks vintage or just plain granny. I don't know, but I still like it!

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  1. I really like how it turned out, Alison! Great job.:)

  2. You really do such a great job on your projects! :)

  3. I love the phrase, "the price I didn't pay for it"! :) I say vintage, not granny. Love you!

  4. I love Your picture on the side. Beautiful!


  5. Lovely re-style. Found you from kojo. Have a great weekend! :)

  6. You did a fantastic job!
    I just used your felt bow tutorial and it turned out brilliantly, thank you :)

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