March 8, 2012

Commission for a cowboy

In my little town there's a cute little drugstore called the Owl. They have an old fashioned soda fountain where a dozen elderly ladies known as the "Fun Bunch" meet every day for coffee, just as they have been doing for 50 years! If you look around you'll spot hundreds of owl figurines, pictures and more all over the store. It's a fun place. There is also a little gift shop in the front. Last fall I loaded up a basket of hair accessories and took them up to the Owl in case there was a small chance they felt the need to have simple Serendipities products in their store, aaaaand they wanted them! Needless to say I was pretty excited. Folks, this is where the fancy schmancy rich Texas Rancher's wives shop!

The lady that works the gift shop has been telling me they might be interested in other items as well as the hair accessories, so this morning I brought in an infinity scarf to show her. She wanted another lady that works in the soda fountain to see the scarf and we started talking to her above two older men who were drinking coffee in a booth between us. As I held up the scarf they both murmured, "Oh... how nice!" Old guys are so funny! Then one of cowboys asked me if I could make a western scarf for him. All I would have to do is hem a big square so why not? It's interesting how you can acquire orders sometimes!

Here are a few of the headbands I've sold.

And a couple of the hair clips.

 I am sorry for the lack of posting lately. I don't know if anyone has noticed my absence because I've never been very consistent at blogging, but I have missed sharing with y'all!


  1. What a fun read! I love my simple Serendipities headband!

  2. Hehehe. I bought two of those headbands pictured and thought of you today as I purchased Cora Leigh's Easter dress. I need to order some flower clips for CL! :) And scarves, where were the scarves when I went to Owl Drug Store back in January? I just LOVE scarves. ;-) I feel a rather large order coming on.....

  3. I love the flowers that you used on your headbands! Very cute!


  4. I love it when you tell stories, especially funny ones about nice old people! And I'm glad you've found a good market for your beautiful things!

  5. I was going to write something, but Heidi said everything I wanted to say...So...I agree with Heidi!

  6. Old people are funny! :D
    And your flower clips and headbands are beautiful!

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