September 24, 2012

How much fabric do you need to make a dress?

I found this cute dress on Pinterest and was inspired to make a dress with a horizontally striped bodice and a vertically striped skirt.

Looking through my stash I found some striped fabric that would be suitable except that there was only ONE YARD AND SEVEN INCHES!!!! Okay so I can't make the dress, I thought, because I am not buying more fabric. Probably a lot of people have this problem blessing, but I have A LOT OF FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!! I pick up a yard or two here and there off the clearance rack, at a thrift shop, and sometimes I'll find it dumped upon me by someone who hears I sew. I'm trying to use up what I have, but it will take a long time so I need to weed out. That will be a big project! 

Alright, back to the subject. I've decided to try to go ahead and make the dress! Yes, with just barely over a yard of fabric. I've been measuring and draping and I really think it might work! 

This is the fabric I will use.

I will keep y'all updated on the progress in case you're interested in seeing if this is really possible. 
Which I am not quite sure it is. haha!


  1. Sound interesting! Hope it works for you! :)

  2. You can do it! I hope :)

    Anna Marie

  3. I hope this works out! That dress is really pretty and your fabric is perfect.
    I have that same problem with yarn. I have inherited a lot of notasniceasIwouldlikelittlebitsof yarn, so I can sympathize.


  4. I hope it works for you! Can't wait to see it!

  5. Can't wait to see how it turns out! I really hope you have enough fabric!


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