December 1, 2011

Refashion friday: purple jersey skirt

I found this maternity dress for my sister at a garage sale and it turned out she already had one exactly like it! So she said I could keep it to make something with.

I took the bodice off the dress and then took off the first tier of the skirt. Out of that tier I cut a yoga-style waistband. I followed these instructions, only mine doesn't fold over because I didn't have enough fabric. Then I gathered the skirt and stitched my waistband onto it. It is definitely my most comfortable skirt!


  1. It turned out very nice! And I love the sweater you're wearing with it, although I think the grey and white striped one goes better with the purple.

  2. A skirt that is both adorable and comfy - I love it! Besides, it's purple... You look tall and stately in this photo, incidentally.

  3. Oooh, I love that skirt! That is a really good idea!

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