July 26, 2011

Bulletin/inspiration board

This is my bulletin board that I recovered recently to match my room. I love having a place to stick pictures, cards, notes, sketches and lists. I covered it the way the ladies from Marie - Madeline Studio  cover theirs except that I stapled the fabric onto the board instead of pinning it. It worked great!

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  1. A few months back my sister and I made a very simalar board. But we also glued buttons on every place that the ribbon overlaps. Just today I was thinking that I realy should post a picture of the finished project along with a bunch of other things that Ive never got around to taking pictures of.


  2. I love this Alison! And you're holding your little niece! How cute!

  3. I made one of these a long time got used a lot! Instead of buttons like mentioned above, I used some little ribbon roses to put over where each ribbon overlaps.

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